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NP231 & NP242 Cable Shifter - Jeep Cherokee XJ

NP231 & NP242 Cable Shifter - Jeep Cherokee XJ

  • $139.00

One of the most annoying parts of every Cherokee I have owned is the transfer case shifter linkage; they always seem to pop out of adjustment at the worst time! What can be worse than crawling under the Jeep with a hammer to force it into low range or back into two wheel drive  (especially if you're in the middle of nowhere!) Our cable shifter replaces all the stock shifter linkages with a ultra low friction push pull cable. We've added a new lower pivot arm to ensure full range of motion and body / transmission mounts. Installation is done by first removing the stock shifter linkages and then bolting the provided brackets onto the body and transfer case using the factory mount holes. installation should take approximately one - two hours to compete. All our Dirtbound products are crafted by our staff of professional fabricators, using state-of-the-art welding and precision fabrication equipment.

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