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Inland Jeep Custom Shop

Here at Inland Jeep, we not only sell parts, but we build and design custom jeeps! If you are looking for a shop to work with you on your dream project then look no further. The knowledgable and experienced staff at Inland Jeep can help you create any custom build with many manufactures within the Jeep industry. What is stopping you? Start your custom build project today!

The Process

Step 1: Dream up or design your custom build with or without the help of Inland Jeep

Step 2: Save your Money!

Step 3: Schedule an appointment to meet with our knowledgable techs/mechanics to discuss your dream build

Step 4: Pick out the parts you would like to make up your custom build.

Step 5: Schedule a time to drop off your project at the shop.

Step 6: Be patient and wait for the skilled techs/mechanics of Inland Jeep to complete your jeep... It is a creative process. 

Step 7: Pick up and enjoy your custom build! 

Inland Jeep Custom Builds

Click HERE to see The Lagoon

Click HERE to see Penny Pincher

Click HERE to see Diesel