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No, we did not do a Diesel swap in this WJ! This project was named by Shawn's (Owner/Operator of Inland Jeep) daughter. This Jeep was built by Shawn as his personal off roading Jeep. Diesel was built out of an idea that you can go to the grocery store and the trail on the same day. Be sure to be on the look out for this jeep at the mall and trail alike! 

Suspension: The suspension is a Clayton long arm suspension lift supported by Fox 2.0 reservoir shocks. This suspension is smooth on the road and feels like it has endless flex when crawling over rocks on the trail. 

Paint: Rattle canned... That's right, Diesel was painted with rattle can by our very own Shawn Shwarts. The front grill was wrapped in vinyl and the Race Line wheels were custom powder coated. 

Wheels: Race Line beadlocks are a steel wheel that is as strong as it's looks. This is a 17 inch wheel that was custom painted in a "Sonic Blue Flake". Although hard to capture in a picture, these wheels glisten when hit with sunlight. You would need to see these wheels in person to really appreciate them. 

Front of the Jeep: Sitting in a stealth position in front of the custom vinyl wrapped grill is the SmittyBilt winch. If you were not looking for the winch, chances are you would not be able to find it. Just know, if you are on the trail with Diesel you will have some support if you get stuck!

The Grille: Just because we are American! This is our statement for this Jeep... That as long as America is America, there will always be people who will go Offroading! 

Bumper: Not sure what it is, but it looks killer! 

Lights: These front lights act like fog lights in a cloud of dust and provide ample visual enhancement when off road at night.  

Steering: Just under the gorgeous front of this jeep sits a one ton steering. The one ton steering, like the wheels were custom painted in the "Blue Sonic Flake" to match that black and blue theme.

Axles: Upfront we have a Super 30 and in the rear we have a Dana 44. 

Tires: Because we can... We put a set of 37 inch Goodyear MTR tires. Here at Inland Jeep, every shop jeep runs the Goodyear MTRs because of their off road capability and on road characteristics. They grip on the rocks and pull up anything while on the road they are quiet with low road noise. 

Extra Pictures of Diesel (for your enjoyment)