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Penny Pincher

Penny Pincher was built for our website developer and the idea was to not spend "too" much money. In an effort to save money, the team at Inland Jeep started looking for parts on Craigslist. Thankfully, we are located in Southern California and used parts are fairly easy to find. By the time the build was complete, we were able to build this jeep at a fraction of what it would cost. See below for pictures and more details on this custom shop build. Note: Penny Pincher was purchased at auction for an undisclosed price... If you really want to know, you will have to come by the shop! 

Penny Pincher's parts are 90% used from Craigslist finds. The overall build was designed with trail riding/crawling in mind. Although Penny Pincher only has the 2.5 4cylinder motor, we are confident that with our few motor upgrades, it will be able to climb with the big boys (we left the 4 cylinder because it is a penny pincher build). 

The Suspension is Full Traction's, 4in long arm kit that we rattle canned to match the custom powder coated wheels. 

The Cage is a bolt in that we found on Craigslist and then was rattle canned to match the custom powder coated wheels. 

The Seats are Beard suspension seats up front and a Mastercraft bench seat in the back. 

The Stubby Winch Bumper is a Crawler Conceptz which was purchased new on eBay. We wanted a stubby bumper to match the cut fenders. This combo produces an aggressive look on the front end.  

The headlights  are a piece on this jeep that we did not cut corners. They are trucker lights and they are BRIGHT! We love these headlights... After all, you need to see where you are going at night! 

The Winch is a Smittybuilt 10,000lb synthetic line winch. We chose this winch because of it's wireless remote feature. 

The Currectlync® Steering System was purchased on craigslist. We chose this steering system because it is what we found and because it has a great reputation for strengthening the steering components.


The Axles were purchased on craigslist and we just bolted them into the jeep. Up front, we have a Dana 30 that has been trussed, geared to 4.88 with a ARB air locker. In the rear, we have a Dana 44 that has been trussed, geared to 4.88 with a Detroit locker. The axles came with Chrome Alley shafts and with disc brakes all around. 

Sway: To deal with on-road and off-road stability, we purchased the Currie Antirock sway control for the front. 

In the back... Once again, we went with the trucker "hockey puck" LED tail lights. These things are awesome! 

Tire cage: We found a custom made tire cage that can hold up to a 40in tire on craigslist. 

Fender and Fender Wells: Fenders are old school Gen Rights and we matched the highline fenders with Gen Right fender well cover that we scuffed up with a grinder to give that cool textured look. 

Wheels are American Racing ATX beadlock wheels that we had custom powder coated to match a new penny. 

Tires are used Goodyear MT/R 35x12.5 Kevlar

Shocks are Fox's smooth body 2.0 which provides smooth on-road ride and great off-road stability. 

We had a lot of fun building Penny Pincher and we hope that you enjoyed/enjoy looking at this sweet build.