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Fabricated entirely of CNC laser-cut, brake-formed 3/16" plate, DeFenders are the next evolutionary step beyond "tube fenders", raising the bar for armored Jeep fenders. Most tube fenders use a piece of .120" thick (just under 1/8") tubing as the outer edge rub rail, with 1/8" thick sheetmetal top plates. Compare that to the 3/16" (.188") thick plate that is used throughout the entire DeFender. This includes the outer edge, which is most likely to see impacts with the rocks. Instead of a piece of .120" wall tubing as your outer "rub rail", the DeFender has a brake-formed outer edge made entirely of 3/16" thick plate! The DeFender is not only much stronger than a tube fender, it also looks better, with smooth flat surfaces that blend better with your Jeep's exterior appearance. These DeFenders are fabricated entirely of heavy duty 3/16" plate steel, which is recommended for core rock crawling and situations where the DeFenders are likely to come in frequent contact with boulders, canyon walls, etc. (aluminum versions are also available). The DeFender's wheel opening is approximately 4" wider than the stock Jeep fenders, and about 3" wider than old school tube fenders, providing more room for larger tires, more suspension articulation and increased turning radius. Zero Flare DeFenders match the exterior dimensions of the Jeep's stock sheetmetal fender (not including the stock plastic flare). It has a straight edge continuing forward from the rear edge of the DeFender The 3" Tapered Flare was designed for maximum performance in several aspects. First, it provides the same splash protection of our regular 3" flare, keeping mud and debris from splashing up onto the side of the Jeep. But rather than having a straight side, the edge of the flare tapers inward toward the front of the Jeep, in a line parallel to the tapered edge of the hood. In this manner it tapers from 3" at the back, to about the same width as our "Zero Flare" at the front, providing the same great clearance for articulating tires and tight trails that our Zero Flare provides. YJ DeFenders are designed to work with your Jeep's OE inner fenders (which are retained, while the outer fenders are trimmed away), saving cost as well as the hassle of removal/installation/relocation of all of your under-hood gear. The DeFender design includes a convenient access hole in the side plate, to make it easier to reach inner fasteners during installation. This hole may be filled with the included solid side plate, or the optional "Spyder" side plate (sold separately). DeFenders come with provisions for mounting a small 3/4" high intensity LED marker lamp/turn signal (sold separately). This product ships as bare steel; it will need to be painted or powder coated prior to final installation.